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Pretty amazing once you get past the snark.

Brawler Barbie
15 March
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I was raised by uppity Southern women and an unusually-successful-with-the-ladies engineering nerd. Do not be alarmed by my strange mix of traditional and modern values.

Livejournal has changed a lot since I first joined in 2002. My life has changed a lot since then, too. I don't write a lot of public posts anymore because I tend to write very personal content. A majority of the people I have "friended" here have seen me through a wedding, a death, a divorce, and several other life-changing events. As a result of seeing how the internet has redefined how people relate to each other I don't open up online like the good old days.

If you are looking for padding for your friends page you won't find it here unless I already know you from somewhere else.

Take care,